Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best of 2012

Better late than never and it wouldn’t seem right to post my best images of 2012 in 2013 so, in no particular order, here goes:





OS Harbor


Wesleigh Cheerleader


OS Rain


Although none are masterpieces, these are my best and favorites of the past year.  Interestingly, only two are of my granddaughter and four are from my Canon 7D while only one is from my G1X.  None of these will replace any of my Top Ten.

… and now let’s see what I can do in 2013.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Canon 10-22mm Zoom

No, this isn’t an accessory for my G1X but for my 7D.  Having passed on both the EOS-M and G15, I felt OK about asking Santa for the Canon 10-22mm zoom.

Canon 10-22mm

Above is a scene that I routinely photograph using my latest toy equipment.  The 10-22mm was set for the widest angle, 10mm (16mm equivalent on the 7D sensor).  Wow!  That’s wide! 

Canon 10-22mm

In comparison, the 15-85mm zoom (my usual lens with the 7D) at 15mm seems more than a bit zoomed-in (above).

Canon 10-22mm

At 22mm, the above view is as tight as the 10-22mm will go.

Canon 10-22mm

I tried the above odd combination of wide angle and close-up with the front of the lens about 8 inches from the rose.

All shots taken from the in-camera JPEG using the “Faithful” color setting and not cropped but down-rezzed.

I walked around a bit and grabbed more shots while trying to get a feeling for the lens.  Of course, care must be taken to avoid severe perspective angles but the lens itself does not appear subject to noticeable distortion.  I think I’ll like the 10-22mm zoom.