Friday, September 21, 2007

The Great Reify and Redact Project: Completed!

Actually, the Great Reify and Redact Project has been finished for a few weeks except for making the announcement. The prints had been made but there was no place to put them because portfolio box was backordered. When the box arrived, I signed the prints and carefully placed them between interleave tissue.

The final print -- but an easy one to select -- is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) print of a bedroom scene in a restored Louisiana plantation home. I've attempted to capture this scene many times but the challenge of getting the proper exposure has been insurmountable until I learned the HDR technique.

With HDR, several different exposures are made for the same scene. In this picture, seven exposures were used. These seven shots were combined with special software and further processed in Photoshop. The resulting image looks a bit strange but I like it very much. Many people believe that this is a photograph of a painting.

Project completed!