Thursday, August 13, 2009

G9: Wide Angle Converter Lens

The Canon G9 is not a wide angle camera. The wide end of its zoom lens has a 7.4mm focal length; this provides the equivalent view of a 35mm lens with traditional 35mm film cameras. At the same time, it must be said that, in one way, a 35mm focal length lens was indeed considered “wide angle” for 35mm cameras back in the day when 50mm was considered “normal”. For many photographers, the 35mm focal length lens was a favorite.

Even so, in a small room the G9 photographer might be wishing for a wider wide angle (shorter focal length) lens. Outdoors, a landscape photographer might also prefer a short focal length lens. Canon got around this short coming by offering an auxiliary wide angle lens for the Powershot G series cameras. The auxiliary wide angle lens attaches to the Conversion Lens Adapter. There is also a telephoto auxiliary lens. Until recently, I’ve not had, used or even seen these auxiliary lenses but I now have the wide angle lens, WC-DC58B.

As can be seen, the WC-DC58B is a large lens. This one is attached to a Lensmate adapter but, of course, it also fits the Canon adapter. The lens is threaded the same as conventional 58mm filters for attaching to the camera; however, the auxiliary lens does not include threads for attaching filters. The auxiliary lens almost completely blocks the viewfinder and the assembled camera+auxiliary lens is an awkward package; however, it does work. The lens is marked ".75X" which means that, when attached, the G9 focal length should be multiplied by .75. Therefore, the widest focal length on the G9 becomes 5.6mm (26mm equivalent for 35mm cameras). The WC-DC58B also seems to work on my old Canon G3. (Please note that the G10 includes a wider angle zoom lens and the WC-DC58B and similar products may not work very well.)

I’ve actually already reported on the WC-DC58B in a previous post but still haven’t used it very much. More later.



RojBlake said...

I take my G9 hiking quite a bit and I'd like to take wider angle shots...but the adapter looks a bit unwieldy for getting in and out of a rucksack, what do you think?

Stephen O'Kane said...

I use the WC-DC58B adapter quite a bit, much more than the TC-DC58C.
It is unweildy, but the quality is good.
It's a shame it doesn't take filters, but an 82mm filter might be expensive!
With the WC adapter added the viewfinder and the flash are useless. Need add an external flash too, makes the G9 the size of an large-ish SLR!

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

RojBlake, I wouldn't be taking that big wide converter on a hike of any significant length. Instead, I'd be stitching to get the wide angle effect.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the difference is between WC-DC58, WC-DC58A, WC-DC58B, etc?

Mr. Denni said...

Greetings, I just wanna ask is that possible to put filter adapter FA-DC58B into Canon G3? There's a digicam accessory shop outside my town that sell compatible FA-DC58B. Before I buy it I just wanna make clarification since you already have Canon G3 and G12.
Best regards