Friday, October 26, 2007

G3 and G9: Side by Side

Here is a visual comparison of the G3 and G9. The G3 is obviously a bit larger. The normally protruding lens and hand grip makes the G3 seem even larger. Open up the articulated display panel and the G3 expands some more. However, neither are particularly large cameras. Most telling about the size: Replacing the G3 with the G9 in my Lowepro Nova Mini camera bag definitely freed up some space (promptly filled with other stuff!).

Fitted with optional lens adapters for attaching filters, wide angle or tele converters.

The Canon lens adapters.


Greg P said...

I currently have a G3 with the Canon wide-angle lens and was wondering if the lens would work with a G9 (and G9 lens adapter). It should be the same size, but I'm not sure about functionality as there is a new lens for the G7/G9. Any thoughts?

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

I really don't know because I've never bought any of those wide angle attachment lenses. My guess, though, is that it will work. I wouldn't buy a "G9" attachment lense or sell the "G3" lens until I tried the G3 lens on the G9. My understanding is that these auxiliary lenses are generic and specific only to the mounting screw thread size. Let me know how it works out.