Monday, August 11, 2008

G9: Focus Conclusions

It’s time to force myself to document my conclusions about focusing the G9. When the G10 is announced, I’ll get caught up in all the hoopla. So here’s what I’ve learned and concluded as well as my current focusing practices for the G9.

First a summary of the G9 focus posts:
Introduction to G9 focusing
Focusing outdoors
Focusing indoors
Face detection
G9 use of hyperfocal focus
G9 hyperfocal chart
Problems focusing on low contrast subjects
Beeps when focused

After all this, I still prefer to use the small Flexizone frame, recompose and shoot when I have the time to do so. Yes, I know this can be slow and methodical, but that’s me as well. For repetitive shots, I often get small Flexizone frame focus, switch to manual and continue shooting. I focus this way for macros when the G9 is tripod mounted.

For landscape shots, I often use manual focus set to infinity. It's easy and certain but be sure to switch back to auto focus!

When wild and crazy and partying, it’s just better to set the G9 on face detection focusing – especially if the camera is passed around a bit. Usually, but not always, face detection works well.

OK, the focusing post is done, where’s the G10?

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Happy Trail Treader said...

Thanks for your blog, I purchased my G9 right before working out at Philmont for the summer (my 4th), and I took second place overall in the staff photo contest...and that was before I learned quite a bit from this post. Thanks again.