Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recent G10 Reviews and Articles

The Canon G10 has been getting a lot of press lately. Here’s a reading list.

My own “review” – well, I only handled a G10 in a retail store – seems like a good camera to me.

The latest G10 review is at Digital Photography Review. This is a somewhat controversial review for many G10 owners and would-be owners because the G10 received “only” a Recommended rating.

DxO Labs has established a database of digital sensor quality measurements. The Canon G9 and G10 sensors are included in their database. This is a very technical presentation and discussion of digital sensor performance.

Another controversial report is posted at the Luminous Landscape by Michael Reichmann wherein he compares prints from the G10 to a $40,000 Hasselblad system. The G10 came out very well! Previously, Michael had compared a G10 to the Nikon P6000 with some references to the Panasonic LX-3.

Thom Hogan also compared the G10, P6000 and LX-3. Thom uses and writes about Nikon equipment but liked the G10.

Ken Tanaka changed his mind about the G10 and decided to get one after all.

Edward Taylor’s first impressions of the G10 was one of the early reviews.

Amin posted his own comparisons of the G10 and LX-3 at high ISO.

Adobe has updated Camera Raw to support the G10 raw format; however, the updated Camera Raw (Version 5.2) works only with the latest release of Photoshop (CS4).

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