Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April G11 Day

Last fall, I really thought that a “G11” would be launched about now. I’d already made my predictions (not too bad either!) about the G10 but just had a feeling about the G11 coming more quickly than would be expected based on the normal product cycle.

To my way of thinking, the G11 would be a CMOS evolution of the G9/10 with, perhaps, a slightly larger, less dense, sensor. Instead, Canon choose to make the SX1 IS their first CMOS Powershot camera. Unfortunately – actually, to my surprise – the SX1 IS has received a very lukewarm review from DPreview. I can only assume that there are more problems in manufacturing a high quality small CMOS sensor that I (and perhaps Canon as well) anticipated.

But today, April Fool’s Day, is a good day for “reporting” that the G11 has been launched. I bit on the first report (won’t tell you where) and then swore off the rumor and blog sites for a while.

Meanwhile, the (real) “G” camera getting all the publicity is the Panasonic GH1. No doubt the reception to the GH1 will be a contributing factor in the continued evolution of the Canon G series but it looks like we’ll have to wait a while longer for that "G11" -- or whatever it will be called.

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