Sunday, October 30, 2011

PAW 43

Butterfly Weed

With my granddaughter playing soccer, I’m spending more time with my 7D than with my G12.  Today, in my attempt to recover from watching the Saints football game, I grabbed the 7D and walked around in our garden looking for close-ups.  Normally I prefer to use the G12 for “macro” photography but it seemed natural to use the 7D today.  At first, I tried the Canon 85mm prime lens but it really doesn’t focus close enough so I switched to the 15-85mm zoom because it has  “macro” focusing. 

I planted “Butterfly Weed” last year in hopes of getting many easy photos of butterflies.  Maybe next year.  Meanwhile, the butterfly weed is very colorful and does attract various critters.  This shot was taken at ISO 400, f11, 1/250 second from about a foot away (not the minimum focus distance) and is cropped to perhaps one third of the original.

There’s no need to discuss how many attempts it took to get this shot! 

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