Wednesday, November 28, 2007

G9: Processing that Raw File

One of the main reasons given for getting a Canon G9 is its capability to shoot in Raw mode. A Raw file is the digital equivalent of a film negative and there's a lot that can be done with it. But what software to use for the digital development of a raw image file?

Although Canon's editing software is bundled with the G9, there are other programs considered much better -- especially Adobe's Photoshop. The current version of Photoshop is "CS3". CS3 develops the raw image files with Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). ACR now has been updated to process Canon G9 Raw files.

Adobe Camera Raw can be intimidating. There's a new book that should be very helpful: "Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS3" by Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe published by PeachPit Press. I got mine through Amazon. Here's a review of the book by Michael Reichmann.

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JC said...

Dear Mr Gordon Buck Jr,

It's really fascinating how you analyse the G9's capability and its "bugs"!

On the topic of Raw file editing, I just want to ask if there really is a huge difference between raw and JPEG for G9 ??

Unfortunately I haven't upgraded my CS2 to CS3, so I am unable to use the raw editing function of CS (as they don't recognise G9 raw file in CS2 )
I am just curious if Adobe Lightroom is the same as CS3 when it comes down to editing G9 's RAW files?

I know intrinsically that RAW sharpening for example would be different from JPEG editing where all the pixals are retained and sharpened etc, but somehow i felt editing JPEG or RAW looked the same in lightroom because JPEG and RAW looked so so similar in sharpness and colour saturation!

Also i was able to retrieve details for example from the overexposed white sky using Lightroom with JPEG, and the result was similar to the edited RAW image.

On noise reduction, I used Neat Image for Raw and JPEG files and I am slightly confused why the JPEG image after using Neat Image is virtually the same as RAW.

So is CS3 really different from Adobe Lightroom when it comes to editing RAW for G9 when JPEG is so similar?

I am still an amateur in photography so please don't be annoyed if my questions appear to be complete nonsense !!

Thank you so much for reading my comment! Please continue writing such interesting review on G9!

with loads of support,