Saturday, January 12, 2008

2007 in Review

This is my belated attempt to close out 2007 and begin 2008. LightDescription began just over a year ago ( as my platform for commenting on photography, posting photographs and learning about blogging. It has served that purpose well and I intend to continue the effort.

For the first nine months of 2007, LightDescription had only a few visits each day. In September, I became active in the special purpose website, MyCanonG7, as well as several photography discussion forums. In particular, with my interest in the Canon G series of cameras rekindled and with favorable publicity from MyCanonG7, LightDescription began to receive many more daily hits. For the calendar year, LightDescription had over eleven thousand hits from more than seven thousand visitors. Not too bad for the first year!

The MyCanonG7 website has been reformatted and reformulated to be less specific to the Canon G series cameras. Because I recently bought a Canon G9 camera, I’ve been blogging mostly about my efforts to learn and maximize the performance of the Canon G9. This theme will continue for a while and since the G9 is such a neat little camera I’ll be using it frequently to make a point (or, more likely, to show off!).

In 2007, impressed by an essay of Mike Johnston’s, I made a personal portfolio of my best photographic efforts prior to 2007. This past week, I’ve been reviewing my photos from 2007. Frankly, even after much study and effort, my 2007 portfolio is not the equal of my lifetime portfolio but, I suppose, that’s to be expected. Still, my 2007 portfolio has some nice shots and particularly so of family. I am becoming a better photographer.

The introductory shot above is one of my better ones from 2007. It might even make the cut for the lifetime portfolio. But my favorite is of my girls.


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