Monday, January 28, 2008

Cable Release for the G9

My Canon G3 (yes, G3) came with a wireless remote and even though it was not used a lot, it sometimes came in handy. The remote was useful enough that when it broke, I bought a generic substitute. The G9 has no such remote – wireless or otherwise. That is, the G9 had nothing until Richard Franiec took on the challenge of making a mechanical cable release adapter. Right, a mechanical cable release!

Richard’s design is amazing simple. His adapter, precision machined of black Delrin, simply snaps onto the shutter release of the G9 (and G7). Well, actually there is no “snap” -- more like a push. Screw in that old cable release (you did keep it, didn’t you?) and you’re ready to trigger the G9 without touching it.

If you’ve lost your old release (or never had one), you can get a new one for about $15 to $25 depending on length. Typically, cable lengths are about 10 to 20 inches but some are up to 60 inches. There are even pneumatic versions up to 20 feet long!

Before getting Richard’s “Custom Mechanical Cable Release Adapter” (no wonder he calls it CMCRA), I used the two second delay to trigger the G9 when it was fixed on a tripod. The two second delay works very well but the cable release just feels more natural.

Richard has other products for the G9; I use them all.

For more information about Richard’s accessories for the Canon G7 and G9, check MyCanonG7, Kleptography or contact Richard directly at


Warren said...

Thanks for posting this info, I was not aware of this option for implementing a cable release on a G9. Looks like a good solution -- very helpful!

archival survival said...

Dear Gordon, HELP!!!
I use a G9 for my research and I am in need of finding the shutter release button or adaptor!!! I have talked directly with Lensmate, Richard Franiec to find no avail. If you have one you might be happy to work out with me, I would be grateful. I have my participants use the camera for their representation of voice, and to have the ability to take their own picture when they want to is critical. the timer just is not the same! I am very serious, please contact emilycowall at g mail. com thank you