Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dressing up the G9

I've installed four G9 accessories designed and crafted by Richard Franiec: Ring, Grip, Thumb Rest and Hotshoe Cover. The Ring is purely esthetic – a simple black metal ring to replace the original black and silver one. The Grip and Thumb Rest really do improve handling. The Hotshoe Cover is for protection and to prevent snagging. These are all simple ideas that have been very well accomplished by Richard. They fit the G9 so well that you probably don’t notice the difference in this picture. Take a closer look. You can actually see all four accessories in this photo (but the thumb rest is just barely visible on the back of the G9). Click on the image for a larger view.

The wrist strap is obviously not from Richard. For a small camera like the G9, I prefer a wrist strap to a neck strap. This one is for a Canon camcorder. I used a similar one for years with my Canon G3. However, I did not pay close attention to the mounting bar on the G9 – it is smaller than the mount on the G3. Therefore I had to add a small metal ring to the G9 mounting bar. I do like that particular wrist strap but don’t make the same mistake I did if the metal ring bothers you (I don’t like the ring).

Richard’s products were first conceived for the Canon G7. In particular, the G7 Grip has been very popular. Although the G9 is naturally somewhat more ergonomically friendly, Richard’s G9 Grip (not the same as the G7 Grip) is an improvement. I’m glad I bought it; in fact, I’m glad I bought all four accessories.

The Grip and Thumb Rest are easily installed by following Richard’s detailed instructions. Double sided adhesive tape holds the Grip and Thumb Rest in place -- just peel off the backing and press. Be sure to wipe the camera surfaces with alcohol to remove any skin oil. Also, be sure to practice installing before removing the backing!
The Ring is a simple replacement: remove the Canon ring and install Richard’s Ring. You’ll have to look closely at Richard’s Ring to get the correct orientation but this is explained in his instructions. The Canon ring has a tiny white dot that matches a tiny black depression on the body. Richard’s Ring is all black; it is oriented correctly when the shortest mounting tab is at the top. Both the Canon ring and Richard’s Ring must be removed to install the auxiliary lens adapter. Sad to admit, but both of my rings now have a white smear on the shortest tab (not visible once the ring is installed).

The Hotshoe Cover is Richard’s latest product. It simply slides into place on the hotshoe. The large engraced letter “G” (for “Gordon”, I assume!) is a very nice touch and indicative of Richard's attention to detail in all his products.

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Paul Thomas said...

I, too, share your aversion for using a split ring for attaching a wrist strap.

On my G9 I found that a black electrical cable tie slips nicely through the mounting bar and through the connecting loop on the strap. The tie can then be pulled up into a nice tight loop and the joint hidden inside the wrist strap connecting loop.


Unknown said...

Hi! like the wrist strap G9 original?

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

The wrist strap is from a Canon camcorder. Sometimes it is a bit big and gets in the way but I like it and use it always.

xebastyan said...

I can recommend the very nice and robust wrist straps from gordy.
Have a look (also deep into the site to his tests)

Anonymous said...

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