Friday, February 15, 2008

Recent G9 Reviews and Information

In addition to Nick Devlin’s recent fun read and excellent article about a user's experience with the Canon G9, there is an ongoing review and diary at Outback Photo by Uwe Steinmueller, Paul Nakroshis and Alain Briot. Today, Alain Briot added his impressions and experiences to that diary.

For those of us involved in the never-ending search for a small external flash fo the G9, Hyun Yu reported on his experience with the Metz Mecablitz 20 C-2 flash at Dpreview. Siegfried Seierlein has information about several small flashes, expecially the Canon 220EX, for the G9 on his MyCanonG7 site.

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Half Sigma said...

It was the "G9 better than $5,500 Leica" article that convinced me to buy a G9.