Sunday, March 16, 2008

G9 on Parade

I took my G9 to a St. Patrick’s Day Parade this weekend. It was nice day, an even nicer outing and a nice parade. I was able to get some good snapshots but no real prize winners. Photographing the parade reminded me of several shortcomings of the G9:

1. No built-in sun screen and the G9 is too small to provide shade.
2. No built-in fluid reservoir in the G9
3. No built-in features to clone away the power lines
4. Can’t read the LCD display if wearing polarized sunglasses
5. Lensmate (or Canon) adapter interferes with the optical viewfinder
6. Optical viewfinder is not accurate, must offset for parallax
7. Shutter lag makes capturing the “decisive moment” difficult

All in all, I had a good day at the parade -- and the G9 was part of it.

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Unknown said...

Ah, the shutter lag dilemma! Use the LCD and shutter lag is just horrible, unacceptably long for candids, portraits, street shooting, etc. (And battery life is shorter, too.) Use the optical viewfinder and shutter lag is comparable to an SLR, if you prefocus, but the lens/Lensmate/lens hood/etc blocks your view except maybe at the longest telephoto zoom setting, and as you say you must adjust for parallax. I love the G9, but there are times when this dilemma makes me crazy.