Thursday, April 3, 2008

Canon Powershot G10

To promote software development for its cameras, Canon provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) to approved developers. There are currently six versions of the SDK. In an otherwise routine notification of a new SDK for EOS cameras, Canon made some interesting statements regarding the Powershot series of cameras. Although the notification was dated April 1, I checked and it is valid.

A new SDK for Powershot cameras will be released near the end of 2008; however, it will be the last SDK for Powershot cameras. Also, the new and final SDK will not be Vista compatible. Powershot cameras released after 2008 will not be supported by an SDK.

New G, S and SX models are scheduled to be released this fall – probably no surprise to anyone. No details of those cameras were released in the SDK notification but the final edition of the Powershot SDK will support them.

SDK support for EOS cameras will continue and includes support for Vista.

Below are the FAQ as quoted from the SDK Powershot notification.

“Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

- When will the last PowerShot cameras that are supported by the SDK be released?
We cannot be specific about announcement and ship dates at this time, but it is safe to say that the last PowerShot cameras to be supported by Canon digital camera SDK will be announced and released in the 2nd Half of 2008.

- Do you have a projection on when the last camera that is supported by the SDK will no longer be available for sale?
Again, we cannot be specific, but we expect that the new G, S, and SX models to be introduced this year will continue to be sold at least through the 1st Half of 2009.

- Is it quite certain that Canon will no longer offer SDK support for the PowerShot series by end of 2008?
It is quite certain that Canon will no longer update its SDKs for PowerShot cameras after 2008. “

So there you have it. End of Powershot or end of Powershot SDK program?

Wonder what the new G10 will look like, be and do? Will it be the last "G" camera?

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