Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My G3 Gallery

Since I've owned and used a Canon G3 for many years, I have quite a few pictures taken with the G3. I’ve posted a G3 gallery alongside my existing G9 gallery on SmugMug.

For both galleries, the images have been resized to display full screen at 1024x768. The G9 gallery is more representation of where I am at the moment whereas the G3 shows my learning curve over the past several years. In assembling and posting these galleries, there was no conscious effort to compare cameras, styles or techniques – just some photos that I like.

I stand by my previous statement that, for purposes of full screen viewing, it would be difficult to choose one G series camera over another – for that matter, many cameras produce similar screen images. (But I’ll grant that pixel peeping, cropping and print making are a different subject!)

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