Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Day


Snow does not often come to south Louisiana but today we had about three inches of snow at my house. Our roads and systems aren’t built for snow and the disruption was considerable. Our local news featured “Snow Day” and even the national news mentioned snow in Louisiana.

Before the snow melted (yes, it’s all gone now), I grabbed a few shots to record the occasion. I especially liked the shot above. It was taken with my G9 in raw mode at ISO 400, 1/80 sec, f4.8. The sky was still overcast and the colors a bit drab so I punched up the saturation during processing.



Bronislaus said...

Ohh, Pauvre petit; I'm in South Bend, I will be glad to let have as much of our snow as you might want.

SB is the less noticed version of Buffalo. I'm a Chicagoan, where lake effect snow is flurries. In SB and Buffalo, lake effect snow is a constant for as many as 40 days. Ahh, I exaggerate, it's only shovalable snow for 40 days.

On a happier note, I was on the road in northern Indiana, where we had a glorious sunset. I had to stop and take picchurs.

Mike said...

can you please provide some details on why you choose the specific camera settings. Why did you choose ISo 400. Was it early and light lacking.

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

Actually, it was a "record" snow day!

I used ISO 400 because the sky was cloudy and the wind blowing a bit. The G9 was not on a tripod and I needed the shutter speed for hand holding and to minimize the effects of wind. The lens was fully zoomed out so maximum aperture was f4.8. I began by trying to shot at ISO 80 (as I always do) but the shutter speed was just too low -- about 1/15 second as I recall. I'm not afraid to use ISO 400 on the G9, especially if a large print will not be made. A good exposure in raw mode plus noise reduction (I use Noiseware) makes ISO 400 acceptable to me up to at least 8x10 prints.