Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Top 10 Pictures

Inspired by this article at The Online Photographer, I set up my own Top 10 pictures as a SmugMug gallery. Many of the pictures are the same as in my Reify and Redact project and all are included in my Blurb book, "My Best and My Favorites".

The basis for selection is simply that this is my best work. That is, an editor – not myself – would make the same choices. If I take a better picture tomorrow, it will replace one of these selections.

Of these ten pictures, 3 are B/W and 2 are the polar opposite High Dynamic Range (HDR). Six pictures were taken with film cameras and four with digital cameras. All of the B/W pictures were taken on film. Of the film cameras, four were 35mm format and two were medium format. The four digital pictures were taken with a DSLR (Canon 20D). The film cameras were Konica T2 for 35mm and Yashica 12 for medium format.

A self editing project like this is a very useful exercise. Try it.


Neale said...

Beautiful photos, love the "round the campfire" as well as Katrina....

Love the blog, learned alot about my G9 through it. I have an older G5 or G6 that rides in the car.

Boris said...

Great photos, all, but the 'round the campfire shot actually had me chuckle out loud.