Saturday, September 5, 2009

G9: Wide Angle Converter Indoors

In a previous post I showed my Canon wide angle conversion lens for my G9. Yes, it's an awkward thing but, given that I have the G9, can be useful both indoors and outdoors. The picture below is the widest angle view of a small bedroom that can be captured with the normal G9 lens (35mme).

The next view is with the camera (tripod mounted) in the exact same position but with the wide angle converter attached to yield a 26mm equivalent lens.

At first, the increased angle of view is not so impressive; however, it is significant. Note that the 26mme of the G9+converter is slightly wider than the 28mme of the G10/G11.

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Dennis & Judy said...


Thanks for posting something on the Canon wide converter with the G9. I've had one for about a year now, and like it's wide angle capabilities. Yes, it is also large and heavy, so I plan when I want to use it, so not as convenient as having the native 28mme of the G10/G11.

Another overlooked aspect, I think, is the total zoom range with the wide converter attached: 26 to 159 mme. This makes the G9 wider and longer reaching than the G10/G11. You also only need one adapter tube, and no worries about lens crashes while zooming.