Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 3

The votes are in (courtesy of SmugMug statistics -- not visible publicly) and the most popular of my Top Ten is "Plantation Bedroom". In this case, most popular is awarded based on my eyeball judgement of the number of views with emphasis on views of large image sizes and the amount of bandwidth used in viewing. Plantation Bedroom is the winner by nearly a 3:1 margin. It was one of my early attempts at HDR and is derived from 7 images (sometimes I say 9 -- I've forgotten but it was more than 5) from the 20D.

Second place goes to "'Round the Campfire" which still makes me smile every time I see it. Another 20D shot, this one was carefully planned but still required a bit of cloning and layering multiple shots. I've even made a Blurb book of my Swiss Army Knives.

... and in third place we have the aptly entitled "Bike on Beach". This one was made with medium format twin lens reflex (TLR) film camera.

The other 7 pictures received nearly equal attention. At this time, I'm not replacing any of them but I am tempted to do so.


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