Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HD Video and the DSLR

I fully expected the Canon G11 to have HD Video and still can hardly believe that it does not.  Whatever the marketing or technical reasons for Canon's not including HD Video in the G11, the 7D has it and I bought the 7D instead (that should show them!).  I had and still have great plans for learning HD Video with my 7D but, so far, have done very little of it.  At least part of my hesitation is the very large learning curve in front of me 

I've recently found a "book" that should help:  "Mastering HD Video with Your DSLR" by Helmut Kraus and Uwe Steinmueller.   This is a 40MB downloadable E-Book in pdf format; it costs $29.95 and seems well worth the price to me.  Even though I'm only part way through the book I'm enthusiatic enough to recommend it to others.

One surprise though:  No video in the E-Book!  I've never seen video in a pdf file but I'll bet it is coming -- if not already available.

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Andy Garcia said...

Hi Gordon,

Video in a pdf file is available beginning with Acrobat 9. It is integrated as an embedded flash video within the pdf. Up until Acrobat 8, the only way to include video in a pdf was through an external link, which would fire off an external player from within your pdf. Not so with version 9. Only drawback is the person viewing your pdf needs acrobat viewer version 9 installed to be able to play the flash content from within the pdf.