Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SB-24 Foot Replacement


As noted in other postings, I frequently use Nikon flashes, especially the SB-28 and SB-24, with my Canon G9. The SB-28 and SB-24 are particularly useful with my Cactus wireless trigger (works with my G9, 20D and 7D) and sometimes a used SB-24 is available at a low price. I just bought another used SB-24 that had a broken foot but was otherwise working. I then bought a replacement foot, installed it and now have another working SB-24 flash. Here’s how I replaced the foot.

But first, the cowardly disclaimer: These are not instructions. I’m just writing about what I did. Proceed at your own risk. I’m not responsible for damage or injury.

First I checked the old and damaged SB-24 to see if it worked at all; it did. I then triggered the flash and immediately turned it off and removed the batteries. While replacing the foot, I tried not to touch the various wires and contacts but, of course, did touch them; however, no shocks, no sparks. You may not be so lucky -- I don't know.

The replacement process is basically to remove four exterior screws and then three interior screws to separate the component parts. The locking ring must be removed from the old foot and placed on the new foot.

Here's the old foot and the new foot with the locking ring from the old foot.

It took a bit of patience and trial and error to get the contact pins aligned with the new foot. I finally realized that the pins were not sliding smoothly in the holes of the new foot. Taking a round screwdriver, I reamed and cleaned the holes and the contact pins then slid into place easily.

Even though this setup is very ungainly, it demonstrates that the new foot has saved the old SB-24 from the scrapheap and provided me with an inexpensive third SB-24.


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Luis O. said...

please can u tell me where i can buy the foot???