Saturday, March 20, 2010

RF-602 Wireless Flash Trigger


Although I learned wireless “Strobist”flash techniques using the Cactus PT-04, I recently switched to the Yongnuo RF-602. In addition to being more reliable, the RF-602 can be used as a wireless shutter release for my Canon 7D. When I twisted off yet another PC connector from a Cactus PT-04 receiver, I gave up and ordered the RF-602. Perhaps I was just looking for an excuse but, whatever the reason, I now use the RF-602 for wireless flash triggering.

Like the Cactus units, the RF-602 is a simple trigger; that is, the flash is told “Fire” but flash intensity must be set in advance by the photographer. The transmitter, shown above, mounts on the camera and sends the signal to the receiver. The transmitter does not have an On/Off switch but does have a large button that can be used to trigger the flash or camera by hand. The transmitter uses one 3V CR2 lithium battery. The battery was included in the kit. The RF-602 system uses 16 channels but out-of-the-box is set to “ALL” so the first thing I did was to set a channel. The little switches are covered by a piece of tape. I left the tape on the switches and used a pencil point to change them.

The RF-602 receiver, shown above, uses two AAA alkaline batteries that were included in the kit. The battery door is a bit difficult to open – probably a good thing. The little switch on the receiver must be set to match the switch on the transmitter. The receiver does have an On/Off switch. The receiver has a flash shoe on top and a screw mount on bottom.

The RF-602 kit included a shutter connecting cord for my Canon 7D and a flash connecting cord. The flash connecting cord has a 3.5mm plug and a 6.35mm adapter plug. The basic kit does not include a PC cord so I've ordered one. Normally, I'll be using the hot shoe connection.

So far, the RF-602 system has handled everything I've thrown at it: Nikon SB24 and SB28 flashes, Vivitar 285HV, Canon 380EX, 420EX, 580EX, Yongnuo 460-II. The system works from my Canon G3, G9 and 7D. It triggers my Canon 7D. It appears to be more robust than the Cactus PT-04 system.



Gabriel said...

didi you nees a hotshoe pc adapter for the receiver?

Unknown said...

I had emailed you earlier today on you blog post G9 Flash List. This remote flash trigger seems to be what I am looking for for my G10 SB-28 flash combo. I would be mostly using it on a flash bracket, but I like the ability to hand hold the flash and receiver unit further away from the camera. Can you say were you purchase the RF-602 Wireless Flash Trigger?

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

I got my RF-602 from eBay but can't find the seller now. In the past, I've used hkyongnuophotoequipment and probably got the RF-602 from them.