Thursday, May 13, 2010



At the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canon Canada gave photographers a replica of the Canon EF 70-200mm L lens in the form of a thermos jug. Although I wasn't there, I read about it on the Internet so it must be true. Along with perhaps thousands of other photographers, I immediately wanted one and began a search to buy my own 70-200mm “thermos”. Sure enough, since demand creates supply, opportunities to “pre-order” the thermos soon appeared on eBay. Although tempted, I decided to wait a while.

It also occurred to me that I'd really like to have a coffee mug as well as a thermos. Still searching, I soon discovered Apparently this site was created solely to sell the Canon lens thermos. They also offer a 24-105mm coffee mug. Until recently, these products were not in stock and available only as a pre-order but when I checked in early May, the thermos and mug were listed as being in stock. Although still skeptical – not to mention wanting a lower price – I placed my order. To my surprise, both thermos and mug arrived today – seven days after placing my order.

CanonMugs claims that the thermos is exactly the same as given away in Canada and cautions about cheap copies. Although both thermos and mug are plastic, the interior of the thermos is stainless steel. The interior of the mug is plastic. Both thermos and mug have black rubber grips around the exterior. Only the thermos comes with a lens cover (lid). A cautionary note is included warning about putting carbonated beverages inside and also about washing in a dishwasher. Apparently, dark roast Louisiana coffee is OK.

Although believable at first glance, a second look easily reveals that these are not real lenses; however, the shock of that first glance is well worth the effort. I intend to use mine.

(Note: I have no affiliation whatsoever with I bought these products and paid full price. I've not tested or even seen any other versions of replica lenses as thermos or mug.)


LjyM said...


I just purchased the $88 combo - thermos + mug from on Thursday May 20th and have not yet received it - approx. 4 days later. I've been trying to contact the merchant, but it seems only email is available and I've been reading about people thinking the website is a scam. I just wanted to know if you purchased it from this site, and to confirm that you received it 7 days later? [your blog came up in my google search]. This is the site, correct?

Thanks in advance!

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

Perhaps I just got lucky but, yes, I ordered from and received my mugs seven days later -- as noted in my post above. There was no promise of a seven day delivery, much less four days, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive my mugs so quickly. I hope it all works out for you, let us know what happens.

Random Acts of Kindness said...

I've also had good luck with my as well. got mine in 2 days!

dmo580 said...

@LjyM: I ordered mine and heard nothing for a few days. I inquired about it 3 days later.

The EMS site didn't have my tracking # yet but a few days later it went down. I kinda tried a few days later and the EMS site still gave me errors. I just sucked it up because sites like DealExtreme that ship from China take weeks, so I figure this would take some time.

I ordered on May 14th. I got mine today to my surprise, (24th). I'm very satisfied.

skinnybean said...

I ordered mine on 9th June..till now the 18th June, I have not received anything and the email on the website which i sent enquiry to has no replies either.

I am worried its a scam too :(