Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blogger in Action: 7D triggers handheld 580EXII

The popup flash of the Canon 7D can trigger an external Canon flash in slave mode . This is a very handy feature although I've found that the external flash must really be able to “see” the popup flash. For example, I had high hopes of using a 580EXII mounted in a Stroboframe above the 7D as a bounced light triggered by the 7D popup flash. That configuration doesn't work – the 580EX sensor just can't see the 7D popup. As shown below, there is a workaround.

Yes, that is your blogger and uncle of the bride getting snapshots at the reception. As awkward and fearful as I looked, it worked! That is, it worked so long as I was close to the subject; that large hall was as dark as a cave in places and had a high ceiling as well. The little 7D popup often was just not powerful enough – even for direct fill. (The photo of me was made by my wife using a 20D with direct flash from a 580EX.)

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