Thursday, June 10, 2010

More 7D Batteries

After writing about my new Canon battery I checked availability of the LP-E6 again and found an unbelieveably low price of not quite $14 for two!  I could not resist even while fully expecting to write about how bad they were, etc., etc.  When the batteries arrived, I was surprised to find that the price included not one but two chargers.  I also noticed that the boxes had come apart in shipping; however, all items were in good condition.   In the picture above, the new batteries are on the left. I immediately plugged in both chargers; some 45 minutes later both batteries were fully charged.

Both batteries fit my 7D and seem to work.  I've not really exercised them -- just casual snaps around the house, maybe 50 shots on each battery.  But they do work and have held a charge for several days now.

I don't expect much from these cheap batteries but they do work -- for now anyway.

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