Sunday, June 13, 2010

Swamp Tour


Although yesterday was another very hot day in south Louisiana, we'd already planned a family get-together that included a swamp tour near Morgan City. I used my Canon 7D with the cheap battery (which worked fine). We were shaded in the pontoon tour boat so I added a bit of fill flash for most of the family shots. I was really more interested in the family shots so my main lens was the Canon 15-85mm zoom. This nice lens has become my main lens for the 7D.

In addition to being hot, the lighting was really too bright and harsh for getting good swamp shots but I tried a few anyway.

The water hyacinth is pretty when in bloom but is actually a major problem because it grows so well and so fast. As result, the water hyacinth is choking our major waterways.

Not much wildlife was stirring and no alligators were seen. In this type of commercial tour, most photographs are grab shots as the boat does by the scene.


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