Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29

August 29 is a memorable date. On this day forty years ago, Jean and I were married; we've had a wonderful life.

On this day five years ago, Hurricane Katrina struck the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Jean and I were in Chicago on a business trip that was extended to an anniversary vacation until Katrina entered the Gulf. As Katrina changed course, we realized that if we did not beat the storm to our home in Baton Rouge, then we might not be able to return for several days. We were able to get a flight to Houston and rent a car. On the road to Baton Rouge from Houston, we had the eastbound lane mostly to ourselves. The westbound lane was packed from Houston to Baton Rouge with cars moving about 30 or 40 mph. That was a long and strange trip.

Our own house had little damage from Katrina although we were without electrical power for several days. Our families and friends on the Mississippi Gulf Coast did not fare very well at all.

This panoramic photo of the damaged Ocean Springs harbor was stitched from photos taken with my Canon G3.

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