Saturday, January 29, 2011



A four year old with an iPhone!  OK, so the phone is her mother's, my granddaughter loves it:  talking, games, camera and learning to send text messages.  To get this shot, I set the G12 in the low light mode and shot without flash.  The low light mode uses "pixel binning" to combine pixels and increase light sensitivity.   In pixel binning, image size is reduced from the normal 10MP to 2.5MP. This shot was taken at ISO 6400, 1/15 second and f4.5 with tungsten white balance.  I used Noiseware to reduce the still visible high ISO noise and then made slight level adjustments in Photoshop before downrezing for PAW 4.

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mms photo said...

Your PAW4 is quite a contrast (pun intended) from PAW3. In the former, you're dealing with low light and in the latter, high-contrast bright light. Nice to see your work as your PAW series does what you intend: tell stories.