Saturday, January 1, 2011

G12: Clock Video


The most difficult part of making this video was staying awake until midnight.

No, I take that back. The most difficult and frustrating part was overcoming the spasmodic Google editor that sometimes permits uploading pictures and video and sometimes does not.

Remember that there are essentially zero options while making a G12 video. To make this one, I selected video at "HD" resolution and neutral color settings. Although shutter speed, aperture and ISO are selected by the G12, as a point of reference, using Tv mode at 1/50 second, the f stop was 3.5 and the auto ISO selection was 1250.

I began the video at a mid zoom setting and then zoomed in. The zoom is (yes, I know) a digital zoom. Notice that the audio changes while zooming in. Although I'd hoped that the digital zoom would be, in fact, OK, it is not. Notice the poor quality at maximum digital zoom.

For post processing, I did nothing. That is, I wanted to do nothing. The file was downloaded from the G12 as a .mov file and also attempted to upload to Blogger as .mov. Just as I have no control over the G12 video, I also have no control over Blogger re-formating. As it turned out, Google Blogger would not accept the .mov file. I then used "Any Video Converter" (a good tool) to convert to a .mp4 format also at 24 fps. Whereas the .mov file was 92 MB, the .mp4 file was only 4.5 MB; however, Google Blogger appeared to accept the .mp4 but actually did not. I next converted the .mov file to .avi; the .avi file size was 5.6 MB; again Google Blogger appeared to accept the .avi file but did not. I even used the "old" Google Blogger editor but with the same failure. Finally, I uploaded the original .mov file to YouTube and attempted to link to that file.  Last night, the YouTube video could not be linked to this blog but this morning it linked.

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