Thursday, February 3, 2011

Windows Live Writer


Here’s my first attempt at using Windows Live Writer instead of the Blogger Editor.  So far, so good.  Installation of Live Writer was simple and setup was almost completely automatic.  In fact, the process so far has been so easy that I’ll be surprised if Live Writer actually works!

Although when using a new camera I’m inclined to read the manual, I don’t go to that extreme when using new software.  Plus, the Live Writer menus and options appear to be relatively familiar and simple.  It is easy to forget – and forgivable to have never known – that, not too long ago, user interfaces for nearly all computer programs were different.  Instruction manuals were absolutely an essential read and study.  Windows and the mouse (thanks be to  Apple <-- Xerox) changed all that to the point that software instruction manuals are often available only on disk and now rarely read except in case of emergency/frustration. 

In contrast to software and software manuals, consider cameras.   Not that long ago (but before computers), there were only three adjustments to be made to the camera:  aperture, shutter speed and focus (and my first camera, a Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash, had no adjustments).  Although the adjustment devices might have different locations or movements, the actual adjustment was largely intuitive between cameras (after the initiation to the fact that there even were adjustments!).  Even as cameras became Konica T2somewhat automated and the ASA film speed (now the ISO sensitivity) was incorporated into the system, the actual setting of the camera controls remained relatively simple.  The instruction manual for my 1972 Konica T2 was 71 pages – which included the English, French, Spanish and German versions! 

In contrast to my classic Konica T2, the manual for my Canon G12 is 213 pages in length – available only as a pdf file -- and that is only the English version!  Of course, the T2 didn’t even have a clock much less auto focus, video, playback or a real time display; however, I have to think that the lack of a common camera user interface (dare I say CCUI – no, I dislike acronyms) is the major reason for the substantial operating manuals that are required for modern cameras.  Someday there will be a common user interface and camera operation will again become almost intuitive.

(Wow, I began this post as a test case of Live Writer but it developed into a thoughtful – for me – essay.  Now to save this text just in case Live Writer does not work and then hit the publish button.)


Laronski said...

If you want to OPEN/EDIT a page in BLOGGER with Windows Live Writer, you can do this...

It's not perfect, but it works...

Melody said...

Good to see someone giving it a test run. I just downloaded it and did a Google search in blogs to see what people had to say.
Looks great!