Saturday, February 5, 2011




My dad loved woodworking. He made a clock (and many other things) for me.  On giving me the clock he told the story of making it – including showing me every mistake he’d made.  I have the same tendency with photographs in spite of myself.

This week’s picture was supposed to be a very simple one and very quickly done.  I wanted a picture that showed the pedaling action on my stationary bike (call it proof of exercise!).  It seemed to me that dragging the shutter would show the blur and a quick pop of the flash would freeze a bit of detail.  Although I tried many combinations, that simple approach just did not work out.  I finally realized that more than one pop of flash was needed.  This shot was taken with the G12, Canon 580EX (still using the NiZn batteries) directly mounted on the camera and RF-602 remote trigger to trigger the G12. 

The G12 was set to ISO 80, manual focus and manual exposure at 1 second and f8.  This setting gave a slightly underexposed image without the effects of flash.  The 580EX was set to stroboscopic flash mode; I think something like 8 flashes at 8Hz and around 1/16 power.  The 580EX was fitted with a green gel to somewhat match the overhead florescent lighting and also a Stofen diffuser.  I think the flash was pointed directly at the pedals in this one.  The room is small with many reflective surfaces.  I also tried bouncing the light off the freezer and washing machine; frankly, all looked about the same.

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