Sunday, April 3, 2011

PAW 13



Sun and bridge

We were riding down Front Beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi hoping to get in a sunset shot or two but running late when I saw this scene developing in the rear view mirror.  I pulled over, grabbed the camera and fired off a few shots.  This one was the second shot with the old Canon 20D and 100-400mm lens at full telephoto.  When I pushed the button, I could see the print as being cropped to square but it actually cropped to an odd aspect ratio.  I don’t particularly believe in commercial aspect ratios anyway – although they certainly can be beneficial when shopping for frames!

When people ask if a picture has been “Photoshopped”, I’ve learned to just say “Yes”.  I normally shoot in RAW and consider the conversion process from RAW as a second chance to get it right (meaning the way I want it).  This one was a bit difficult to process because of the very bright sun.  It definitely was a big yellow ball and the RAW conversion required some extreme settings to retain that yellow sun. 

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