Thursday, June 2, 2011

G12: AC Adapter Kit


Canon’s AC adapter kit for the G12 is the ACK-DC50 – a rather imposing product name.  Strangely, the instruction sheet accompanying this adapter calls it the “CA-PS700”.  I suspect that the difference is the fake battery in the ACK-DC50 is the G12 battery and the other components are used with many different fake batteries.  Whatever the difference, the box was labeled ACK-DC50 and the innards worked with my G12.

As shown above, the kit consists of a fake battery, an AC to DC converter brick with hard wired connector and a power cord.  The specs (that is, the CA-PS700 specs) say it is OK for 100- 240 V AC at 50/60 Hz and outputs 7.4V DC.  The instructions contain useful information like “Do not use this apparatus near water.” but no illustrations or even text to describe how to connect and use the kit.  On the positive side, specs and warnings are given in eight languages.  Fortunately, using the kit is easy.



The connecting cord is plugged into the fake battery and the fake battery is slid into the G12 battery box as shown above.  Like the real battery, the fake battery will go into the G12 only one way.  Notice though that the connecting cord should be aligned with the notch on the camera body (so that’s what the notch is for!).



With the cord properly in the notch, the G12 battery door closes easily.

Finally, plug in the ACK-DC50 and the G12 has power – it thinks that a battery is installed.

I must admit to having used the AC adapter only a few times but I have grand plans!

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