Saturday, June 4, 2011

PAW 22


With three days of record high temperatures and no rain for … hmm, can’t remember the last time water fell from the sky – whatever, it was past time to haul out the sprinkler.  In between moving the sprinkler, I put my G12 on a tripod and set it for ISO 80, f8 and turned on the built-in neutral density filter.  I don’t use that feature very often but it sure comes in handy for shots like this when a slow shutter speed is wanted.  Without the ND filter and in Av mode at f8, the shutter speed was 1/100 second.  By using the ND filter, the shutter speed was reduced to 1/13 second.  After looking at the histogram, I decided to shoot at 1/8 second for a better exposure and even more motion blur.  I changed from Av mode to Manual exposure and set for f8 and 1/8 second.

I took three shots – well, better said – used three shots to make this image.  The three were processed identically from RAW using ACR.  Two of the shots were stacked on the third as layers using the “lighten” blending mode.  Yes, “Photoshopped”, but easily done and I couldn’t resist.

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Gordon Buck Jr. said...

Of course, an hour after I posted this PAW, a thunderstorm moved through and gave us a small break. However, we're still in drought in south Louisiana.