Thursday, February 23, 2012


G12 Interval RemoteThis simple intervalometer works well with my G12 and was inexpensive.  I think it is sold by several marketers under a variety of product names. The instruction manual calls it an “EZa” Digital Timer Remote; the back of the remote is marked “EZa-C1”. “C1” indicates that this model is for Canon cameras such as G12 and 7D. It is battery powered (two AAA) and plugs right into the G12 remote trigger connection. It can also be used as a single shot remote trigger.

The display, from left to right is marked “DELAY”, “LONG”, “INTVL”, “N” and a musical note. “DELAY” sets the time before shooting begins. “LONG” is the exposure time for long exposures; I keep it at zero because the G12 does not have a “Bulb” exposure mode. “INTVL” is for Interval; this is the time between exposures. “N” is the number of exposures; this can be from 1 to 399 or “—“ for unlimited. The musical note is a sound and can be turned off. Settings are made using the arrow dial/key surrounding the “Set” button. Truthfully, I don’t use this intervalometer very often and have to fumble around a bit every time but it does work.

This simple intervalometer should also work with the G1X – I’ll soon find out.

(As an aside, on reading what I’ve written, I’ve labeled this a “simple” device.  Not so long ago – well within my timeframe and memory – this device would not have been possible at any price!  Not to say that intervalometers were impossible but that this device:  small, programmable, battery powered, LCD display and inexpensive was not available.)

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