Saturday, February 11, 2012

Index to G12 Posts

G12 CameraFor roughly the past sixteen months, I’ve used and written about the Canon G12.  This index to my G12 blog posts will serve as a handy reference and link.  This index is an edit of the G9 index and retains some of those G9 links but adds links and notes specific to the G12.

1 Second in Av Mode

AC Adapter ACK-DC50

Adapters, wide angle: Indoors (G9), Outdoors (G12)

Blurring the background (G9)

Bug in firmware (self timer with wireless remote)

Compare to G3, G6, G12

Features of G9 and G12 (vs G1X)


Flash (actually for G9 but applicable for G12)

Flash compatibility problem with G12

YN565 Flash with G12

Focus (The links below are actually for the G9)

Gallery of G12 pictures



Lens adapters


Miniature mode



Polarizing filter: Sky; focusing are based on the G9



SCN variations

Self timer bug

Screen blanking bug

Tips for using new G12

Wide angle converter: Indoors, outdoors, stitching are based on the G9

Wireless remote bug

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