Friday, July 22, 2011

The Sand Castle


Swiss Army Knives are known for being technical and versatile – exactly the tool to have with you in a difficult situation.  MacGyver always had his Swiss Army Knife and I almost always have one with me as well.  I’ve enjoyed photographing my Swiss Army Knives in challenging and amusing situations.  Some of those photos have been featured in this blog and additional ones are in my SmugMug gallery.   I even made a book of my Swiss Army Knives.  Lately, though, I’ve had a feeling that something was going wrong – I was having to work harder and harder to get a good photo whereas the little knives were contributing little except to enjoy their celebrity status.

To prove my point, I secretly made the video below during a recent shoot in Destin, Florida.  Clearly, the Swiss Army Knife is not contributing except to pose as the “talent” and take all the credit!

The story behind the photograph

(Video shot with G12 in “miniature” movie mode and edited in Premiere Elements 9.)

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pa dinneen said...

LOL, nice idea. "he's alive".