Sunday, July 24, 2011

PAW 29

Destin 7D

Returning from vacation, I was browsing through a thousand images for this week’s PAW but pretty sure that one of the photos of my niece, Elise, would be this week’s choice.  This one in particular just felt right when the shutter button was pressed.

I still struggle with flash but was careful to set exposure for the background and dial in the flash for fill.  We were on a balcony in the shade, the camera was my 7D and the flash was the 580EX mounted inside a Lumiquest LTp softbox on a lightstand to the right of the camera.  The flash was triggered and controlled by the little popup flash of the 7D.  This system worked well (in the shade) so long as the 580EX could “see” the 7D flash.  Exposure was 1/200 second at f8 for ISO 400; the 580EX was set at +2 (I think). 

My thanks to Elise for her patience as I fumbled and experimented with camera and flash.

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