Sunday, July 31, 2011

PAW 30


“Turn around, look behind you.”  I’m always (well, attempting to) telling myself to look around and not to get locked into the scene or setting that I imagined would make the best photograph.  That was certainly the case for this photo.  I imagine a scene of a pier in the early morning fog but that scene simply did not “work”.  As I retraced my steps, the scene directly opposite from the one I had in one was by far the best shot and is this week’s featured photograph

Once again I was using the G12 – it is so convenient and easy to use.  This time, anticipating slow shutter speeds, the G12 was mounted on a tripod.  Exposure was 1/60 second at f5.6 as set by Av mode for ISO 80.  Processed from RAW in ACR, the histogram is shifted towards the right because there are few dark areas.  I did not attempt to salvage the dark and bright details because those details simply were not there in the actual scene.  Likewise, the colors are muted and unsaturated.

A different sort of picture for me but one that I like.

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