Saturday, August 6, 2011

Balloon Festival


I awoke early today to go to the Baton Rouge Balloon Festival with the specific intent to capture my “Picture of the Week”.  Today was a good day for photographing and, apparently, for ballooning as well because many balloons floated right over the field and very close to the target.  I got a number of nice photos although truthfully none is spectacular.

The balloon festival is held every year although I’ve missed the last two or three. Seems like, in my last attempt, I felt zoom challenged with a 70-200 so this time I carried the longer 100-400mm zoom. Because the balloons came in so close, the 70-200 would have been the better choice this time.  I used my 7D at ISO 800 and manual exposure around 1/500 sec and aperture around f8.  All shots were taken using auto focus with the center spot and “AF-ON”. There were probably a hundred or so photographers with good equipment surrounding the balloon target area so I suspect that there are at least a hundred sets of pictures similar to mine from this morning’s event.  Still, these are mine. 

Rather than feature a single photo, I quickly put a slide show together using the wizard from Proshow Gold.  This was my first time to use the Proshow Wizard and also my first attempt to upload to YouTube from Proshow.  The quality from my first attempt was not very good because the defaults are set for YouTube’s “standard” quality.  I changed the quality to be 720p and that video is much better; however, it still is not particularly good.  Now to retrace those steps and find a better workflow …

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