Saturday, April 28, 2012

G1X: Wide Angle Conversion Lens

G1X Wide Angle

This is the G1X with the Canon WC-DC58B wide angle lens from with my G9 and used with my G12.  It is connected (almost) with the Lensmate G1X filter adapter.  That is, this is the way the combination would look if the G1X filter adapter (either the Canon or Lensmate version) actually connected the camera and conversion lens.  Those adapters will not make that connection.

G1X Wide Angle

Here’s the Lensmate adapter on top of the WC-DC58B.  Notice that the threads on the lens are still showing.  The adapter is not deep enough to accept the threads on the lens.

G1X Wide AngleHere’s a closer view.  Neither the Lensmate nor the Canon filter adapter is intended to be used with the WC-DC58B wide angle conversion lens.  Well, neither was the G12 but the combination could be made to work.  If the WC-DC58B were optically matched to the G1X then there would be an incentive to make an adapter for connecting them.  For testing the optics, I used a crude but effective temporary connector:  my hand.  The combination kind of looked OK on the G1X display so I proceeded to my official wide angle test site.


Easter Lilies

I’ve used this location for several types of comparisons, including the wide angle adaptor on the G12 and G9.  The image above is from the G1X at its maximum wide angle setting of 28mme.  The G1X was mounted on a tripod so I simply held the WC-DC58B wide angle conversion lens up to it. 

Easter Lilies

It works!  Or does it?  Well, almost but not quite.  Perhaps a better “adapter” could eliminate the vignette.  I probably could have eliminated the lens flare with a slightly different angle, lens hood or strategically placed hat.  Canon could revise the G1X firmware to correct the distortion.  So the potential exists for a new adapter and revised lens but would I buy them?

For starters, I’m not about to hang a heavy conversion lens – wide angle or telephoto – off the end of the G1X zoom lens.  No sir, not me.  Now, if someone were to make a rigid tube type lens adapter I would consider it but, so far, that product is not available and, evidently, must be a difficult one to design.


adx said...

That looks fairly clean from where I'm sitting. I tried my G7's 0.66x Raynox wide adapter on my G1X when I first got it, with mixed results but didn't experiment too much because glass to glass contact looks imminent. I just tried an old Olympus 0.8x adapter I had lying around (A-28 for IS/L - ooh I wonder if that will fit on my old D600L?), it has a flat back element so was safe to hold up to the G1X lens - slight vignette (a bit less than your example) but very sharp to the edges. I'm keen to try a WC-DC58B now. BTW the G1X lens is actually more like 26mm internally (if processing the raw), so the potential for really wide results is there.

Sean McCormick Photography said...

Same results with the wide angle from my G9. I don't believe the lens is strong enough to support the adapter. I am considering having the machine shop whip up something that might work.

h n said...

Thanks for that helpful work and comparison - even if the result is not to take any wide-angle related action.

adx said...

Just found a link to this I meant to follow up. I did eventually get a used WC-DC58B, and a "58mm Metal Lens Filter Adapter Tube For Canon PowerShot G1X 58 mm" cheaply from eBay which the WC-DC58B screws into fairly nicely. Not all the way for optimum distance, but enough to remain secure. Optimum edge sharpness happens with the lens a bit further out (like in your sample) and is very good quality with the Canon adapter glass, in a bit further it doesn't vignette but has more edge blur. The vignette isn't a problem if using a square or flatter aspect ratio (like 16:9 video), and it really starts to give a very clean wide effect. Video with IS will show the edges of the lens popping into and out of view. Not a bad system, the adapter and tube can sit in the Canon bag and be dragged out and attached very easily when needed.