Wednesday, July 9, 2008

G9 as a Polaroid?

Here's an interesting post by the Strobist about large format film photographers using the G9 instead of Polaroid film to plan and check lighting layouts.


Neil said...

Gordon -
I'm been doing my research and the G9 is really looking like the camera I want. I'm still new to all this camera stuff (I only started in January) and so forgive me if I get the lingo wrong. I was wondering with all the manual controls the G9 has if you could keep the shutter open for longer than the programmable 15 seconds? Could I do long nighttime exposures,on a low iso? Daytime shots with an extreme density filter. I have not seen this discussed anywhere and as you seem to have one, well you seemed the man to ask.

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

Sorry but 15 seconds is the longest exposure, even in manual mode.

Although some DSLRs are capable of long exposures, many photographers seem to prefer film in mechanical (no battery) cameras for extremely long exposures.