Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Visual Science Lab

There are a few photography sites that I check every day.  One of these is Kirk Tuck's Visual Science Lab;  I check regularly because his site is updated regularly.  Check it out.  (Notice that I managed to use "check" in every sentence!)


live a colorful life said...

Hi, Gordon. I found your site by googling G9 and shallow depth of field. Anyway, I have been trying my hardest to blur the backgrounds of my pictures (I am a quilter--NOT a photographer). Any tips? Why does everything come out so clear and in focus??

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

There are technical reasons for the inability to get shallow depth of field with the G9 but those reasons become complex and mathematical. Suffice it to say that the small sensor of the G9 and most "point and shoot" cameras is the culprit. You really won't be able to get around that concept -- you need a camera with a larger sensor. Although the camera market is changing, you probably need a DSLR like the Canon 7D or, even better, a "full frame" camera like the Canon 5D. Sorry for the bad news. Others may explain it better and suggest methods for shallow depth of field but I doubt you'll find those methods satisfactory. Here's a few posts I did on blurring the background: http://lightdescription.blogspot.com/search/label/blur

-- Gordon