Saturday, November 20, 2010

G12: Name your camera

My G12 is rarely connected to my computer. I normally use BreezeBrowser Downloader Pro when downloading images to my computer directly from the memory card.  But the G12 must be directly connected to your computer in order to “name” it.

I remembered that entering my name into the G9 was awkward but did not remember the procedure. I did not have my name in the G12 until a few days ago. When I connected the G12 to my computer, nothing popped up. I then opened and ran "Camera Window" and fumbled around a while. Finally, I clicked on the "Preferences" icon (upper right of window, next to the ? icon). Then clicked on "Connected Camera" to add my name. Even though the text box was empty, I couldn't type in it until I clicked on "Edit". Finally, clicked on "Set" and exited the procedure.

This reminds me of a forum message from a few years ago. A guy discovered that he was considered to be the photographer for some porn photos but he had not taken those pictures. In fact, he had sold the camera. However, he had entered his name into the camera as the owner and did not remove his name when he sold the camera.  Be warned!

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richardsims said...

Having lost my camera in the back of a cab, I would have loved to have read this article a little sooner!