Friday, November 26, 2010

G6 vs G12 JPEGs

Although not exactly a shoot out, here are a couple of similar shots taken with the G6 and the G12. All shots are uncropped in-camera JPEGs but reduced in size for blog use. All shots were taken handheld in Av mode at the lowest ISO setting and without any exposure compensation. In other words, a "trust the camera" mode.

First, the G6:

Then the G12 (slightly zoomed in to produce roughly the same scene);

Next the G6 at full telephoto:

Then the G12 at full telephoto:

You might well wonder "What's the point?" and that is the point:  At these reduced image sizes from automatically processed files and translated by the Internet, there is little difference between these -- and many other -- cameras.  Perhaps, better said, somewhat similar cameras, especially from the same manufacturer, produce similarly good results for general use on the Internet.

More generally, how should images be compared?  In my mind, the comparison should be made with respect to how the images will be used.  I have no problem with limiting some cameras to small displays onscreen and reaching for a larger format when the objective is a large print.  In the case of this G6 and G12 comparison, my next step was to make 8x10 inch prints from the in-camera JPEGs.  Both the G6 and G12 prints looked fine; in fact, almost indistinguishable.  Whereas an 8x10 from my 4MP G3 was sometimes a bit of a push, I conclude that 7MP is "enough" for an 8x10 (provided, of course, that those seven million pixels are "good" pixels").

(I've taken pictures of this same scene and made comparisons between other cameras as well.)

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