Wednesday, November 17, 2010

G12: Gordy Strap


According to me, a wrist strap is just right for the G series cameras. In fact, I don’t understand why Canon doesn’t include a wrist strap in the box. I almost never use the included neck strap. For my G3 and G9, I used Canon camcorder wrist straps. There are also many variations of third party wrist straps. After browsing around, I finally decided on the Gordy strap from Gordon Coale.

The Gordy strap is stout, easily installed, looks good and feels good. I also like the idea of supporting an individual’s creative efforts and, besides, everyone should support “Gordon”.

The Gordy strap is available in standard or longer lengths. The standard is about right for me but someone with larger wrists or hands will want the long version.

On the other hand, I also ordered and paid for a wrist strap from “Cool Lanyards”. Sadly, that merchandise has not been delivered and I’m not the only one complaining. I’ve contacted their customer support and received a reply via email but still no wrist strap. Apparently Cool Lanyards was once a legitimate business but I suspect is now a scam – best stay away.

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Boris said...

How is the Gordy strap with string holding up?