Wednesday, May 9, 2012

G1X: Pocketable?

One of the complaints about the G1X is that it is too bulky to be a true “compact” camera.  The G1X is certainly larger than the G12 but, to my thinking, not really that much larger.  In fact, I previously claimed that the G1X was “pocketable” and here is the proof.

The Pocketable G1X

Although I do not claim universal “pocketability”, I will note that for men of a certain age and fashion, the G1X is indeed pocketable.  As noted previously, “I did not subject myself or the G1X to the jeans of my youth!”. 

Realistically, I do not routinely carry the G1X in my pants or coat pocket but prefer my Domke man bag instead.  However, it is occasionally convenient to put the G1X into a coat or pants pocket – and it does fit!

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