Wednesday, May 16, 2012

G1X: Lens Hood


Lens Hood

The Canon LH-DC70 lens hood for the G1X is a cute little thing but rather expensive considering its size and material. On the other hand, the LH-DC70 has a built-in adapter and can be mounted directly on the G1X; however, filters cannot be added to the LH-DC70 and, in turn, it cannot be added on top of filters. There’s a way around these problems -- well, sort of.

I remembered once having a cheap lens hood that screwed onto the filter threads of my SLR. After a bit of browsing, I found something similar with a 58mm filter thread. There are a number of variations available so I bought a cheap one for a few dollars. There’s good news and bad news about this filter thread mounted lens hood.

Generalizing from my brief experience with the cheap lens hood that I bought, the good news is that it works. That is, it can be screwed into either the Canon or Lensmate filter adapters. As can be seen, the threaded lens hood is quite a bit longer than the Canon lens hood but there was no vignetting even with the G1X at maximum wide angle.

Lens Hood

The bad news comes when wanting to add the threaded lens hood to a filter. In my case, I put a Tiffen polarizing filter on the filter adapter and then screwed the lens hood into the polarizing filter. Unfortunately, this combination results in vignetting when the G1X is at wide angle.

Also, I have to say that, at best, a polarizing filter with a lens hood is daunting combination that becomes downright frustrating when the filter and hood are connected such that rotating one also rotates the other. I tried to have the lens hood only loosely screwed into the filter but the combination is still awkward. I don’t like it.

Still, cheap lens hoods are readily available for the G1X. Since there are many variations of filters and threaded lens hoods, there is some hope that a worthwhile, non-vignetting combination can be found – not to mention using step-up filter rings. Even so, I doubt I’ll be using these two devices together very often on the G1X. Since I primarily use the Canon LH-DC70 lens hood for protection, I’ll stay with the cute one.

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