Wednesday, March 7, 2012

G1X: Adapter and Lens Hood

G1X adapters

The Canon FA-DC58C is an adapter that fits the bayonet fitting on the end of the G1X lens.  It is threaded to accept 58mm filter thread accessories.  This means it will accept standard 58mm filters as well as accessories such as the 250D close-up lens as shown below.

G1X adapters

The Canon LH-DC70 is a lens hood.  It is a nice looking lens hood that mounts directly onto the G1X lens; unfortunately it is not threaded for filters.  This means that the LH-DC70 cannot be added to the FA-DC58C filter adapter (above) and also that filters cannot be added to the LH-DC70.

G1X adapters

G1X adapters

I really like the looks of the G1X with the lens hood but the inability to add filters is a great business opportunity for someone – probably Lensmate.

The G1X as shown above is also fitted with a Gordy strap and a Franiec hot shoe cover.


Prince of Egg Tarts said...

Great post that answers many questions about the filter adapter! Can we leave the adapter on when we power-off the camera? Does it interfere with the retracting lens?

Sean McCormick Photography said...

The adapter stays on mine all the time, including when it's powered off. No issues.